Leprechaun Fun

Today was SO much fun!

We came to school only to find a HUGE mess in our classroom. Chairs were tipped over. All our green crayons had been pulled out of our boxes and thrown onto the tables. Every green item in our room had been taken from its rightful place and tossed hither and yon. It was a sight to delight any 5 or 6 year old!

Apparently a leprechaun had come to our room on St. Patrick’s Day. He had checked out ALL of our leprechaun traps and didn’t get caught in ANY of them. Quite the clever boots he must be!

He took the fake gold from some of the traps, knocked others over and made a general hubbub of the entire classroom.

leprechaun pee

That trickster even peed in our classroom toilet! And he left his footprints on the seat. We could only imagine how he looked standing up there! Ewwwwww!

And he left us three packages of “magic powder.” The words “DO NOT TOUCH” and “DO NOT MIX WITH MILK!” were written on the outside of each one.

We didn’t care. He touched all of our things, so we thought we should touch his special powder.

We put the powder in a BIG bowl and smelled it. “Cheese?” “Birthday cake?” “Sugar?”

We mixed in some milk even though the leprechaun had warned us not to. At first it turned yellow!!! and the mixture was really thin and watery. “Eggs?” “Scrambled eggs!!!”

But SUDDENLY the mixture started turning GREEN!

*squeals of delight*

Then it turned VERY, VERY green and it started to get thick.

Pudding! He left us magic green pudding!”

It mixed up so fast. We spooned it into green paper cups and topped it with special all-green Lucky Charms cereal. Nom Nom Nom!

It took us a LONG time to clean up the room but we had SO much fun making things right again.

Tomorrow we’ll draw and write about what the leprechaun did!