Temper Tantrum

You teachers. You’re never satisfied. You took the job knowing the pay was low. So why are you complaining about teacher pay. You’re a glorified babysitter. All you do is play all day. You work 7-3 and you get weekends and summers off. You’ve got it better than most of us! School is easy. Real work is hard. And all you do is complain.

What do you really want?

What do I want? 


I would give up smaller class size for autonomy.

Okay, that isn’t completely true because I REALLY believe that smaller class size is the critical missing piece in our school. Perhaps in every school. I do want a smaller class. Max it out at 18. MAX.

But since that will never happen, I want to determine my own fate.

I want to research best practices. I want to try new things. I want to try things that haven’t been researched. I want to try old things. I want to do action research of my own. I want to succeed. I want to fail and try again and again and again.

I want administration and the district office and the state department of public instruction and the federal government to trust me. I want them to acknowledge that I know my kids and child development better than they do.

I want to be consulted before a new policy is presented to me as mandatory.

I want my opinion to matter.

I want my kids’ needs to come before the whims of a superintendent or a curriculum specialist.

I want to be the master of my domain.

I want to shut my door and teach.

I want to collaborate with my team.

I want to spend teacher workdays preparing great lessons.

I want to spend weekends cleaning the closet in my room.

I want a key to my building.

I want legitimate websites to not be blocked.

Did you notice that I don’t want tangible stuff? (Except the key).

Picture me stamping my foot like a fractious toddler.

I want. I want. I WANT!


5 Comments on “Temper Tantrum”

  1. Thank you!! I feel as if I could have written this!! I just told a BOCES Curriculum “specialist” that I am sick and tired of NYSED making me feel like my 26 years of experience count for nothing!!

  2. Mary says:

    I want you to come in and do this job one day, then ask what I want.

  3. You want what I and thousands of other teachers want!!!:)

  4. Glenda says:

    You just said what I could not put into words. I want the whole list (except for the weekend cleaning thing). Teaching 34 5th graders every day with new curriculum that isn’t good is so exhausting. Thank you for speaking what I couldn’t.

  5. […] always conflict with what I believe to be best practices. And much later, but very recently, I blogged about […]

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