I’m in love…

Yes, I know. My blog is political. It’s my private place to talk about my experiences and my opinions regarding education. The dismantling of public education in this country is my passion. I thoroughly expected to stay away from all other wordly (sic) pursuits. Until today.

Today, I fell madly in love and I have to talk about it. Him? Her? Hmmm… I probably should name her.

And now that I consider the possibilities, she’s definitely a she. No man could ever be this efficient. This perfect. This useful.

She is gorgeous. She’s a ginger (of course – and only a ginger, can call another ginger, ginger.” (Thank you, Tim Minchin).

Oh. I’ll name her Ginger. Perfect. Oh, I already said that she’s perfect.

She does exactly what I want her to do. No complaints. No backtalk.

Honestly, my expectations for this relationship were so low. Every relationship I’ve had with her kind has ended badly. I have always been deeply disappointed. And they end up broken and trashed.

But Ginger. She’s not like the rest. She stands apart. Her stout, but sleek body. Her sturdy manner. Her quiet confidence.

You need a Ginger. Everyone needs a Ginger.

But she’s mine.


Don’t you dare say, she’s just a pencil sharpener! She is a dream come true. Ginger is a life-changer. She is the answer to my heathen prayers.

From the first pencil she sharpened, I was smitten. I squealed. I dug through drawers to find more pencils. I tried pencils wrapped in plastic and plain pencils. I tried unsharpened pencils and pre-sharpened pencils. Ginger stood up to each challenge, spitting out a perfect point each and every time.

She’s fast and quiet. Ginger grips the pencil in her jaws and holds it firmly whilst I very lightly hold the top of her barrel. Turning her handle takes nearly no effort. She lets me know when she’s finished her task by a soft change in her growl.

And voila…


This is more than an endorsement. It’s an ode to a sharpener.

Oh, Ginger. Just wait until tomorrow when I introduce you to my school friends. They’re going to be so jealous!

(Ginger was purchased at Classroom Friendly Supplies for $24.99 and she is worth all that and more. This is an unsolicited endorsement and CFS knows nothing about my relationship with Ginger).


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