Dear Marie Clay (part 2)

You said:

Any texts can be used for Running Records – books, stories, information texts, children’s published writing – but a good place to start is with a familiar text that the child has read once or twice before. This text will provide evidence of how the reader is bringing different processes and skills together. A classroom teacher would probably select something the child has recently read in class. The prime purpose of a Running Record is to understand more about how children are using what they know to get to the messages of the text, or in other words, what reading processes they are using.

Apparently, you felt strongly that a Running Record was not meant to trick a reader or to challenge a reader unnecessarily.

We do things differently now.

The texts that my district uses for Running Records are “secured.” Kids cannot see them prior to testing. Teachers can use them ONLY during testing. These are benchmark tests.

Oh, did you mean for Running Records to be used as benchmarks? I suspect not.


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