reluctant writer

Sticking my toe into the blogosphere is a pretty scary proposition. Nearly as scary as sticking my toe into any body of water. But being a non-swimmer is one thing. I’m not a non-thinker. Nor am I a non-talker. Both come quite naturally to me. I¬†typically can’t stop myself from thinking and talking. Writing down those thoughts is far less natural.

But here I am.

Wondering where to start…

Oh! a list?

  • my kinders
  • my loathing of the Common Core State (sic) Standards
  • developmentally appropriate practice, a/k/a respect for kinders (see first bullet point – henceforth known as ‘first dot.’
  • bad reform ideas (are there any good ones?)
  • personal learning communities, as defined by me or my principal, which are NOT the same thing
  • the future of education
  • how twitter changed my world
  • [insert more ideas here later]

The real problem is – do I really have anything of any value to say?

We shall see – and I use the term “we” VERY loosely.